Testimonials from some of my Customers:

Hi David,

I just had to let you know your a genius. The program is so simple and I can't believe how easy it is to use and all the things it does for you. I have shown the program to my whole family and they are very impressed.

Our budgets (We have two) are working magnificently. It took me a while to enter all the figures and have a fiddle to get it how we were both happy. Once all set up it is so easy and simple. We take our hats off to you and give yourself and your team of dedicated workers. We Salute You.

Congratulations and keep up the great work. I will certainly be doing my best to promote a wonderful budgeting tool.
Thanks again.

Christine D.

Hi David,

The hints and tips have been invaluable and the software has changed my life! I feel so in control now of my financial life, so much so that I have booked my next overseas holiday and am looking to purchase a second investment property.

Thanks again!

Kind regards,

Leeann Pereira - Acacia Gardens NSW


 “I purchased the Simply Budgets program over 12 months ago and would be completely lost without it now!  I am able to predict how my spending now will influence my bank balance in the future – and it is so easy to use!  Since purchasing the Simply Budgets program my savings have grown from $0 to several thousand and my bills are always paid on time as I know well in advance of them being due, thanks to Simply Budgets.  I definitely recommend this product to anyone wanting to take control of their finances.”

Michelle Green – Brisbane


Hi, I purchased an upgrade to version 1.4 on the 3rd of October. I downloaded and installed the program on my laptop computer and I absolutely love it, however laptop was stolen in transit.  I am being reimbursed with a new laptop (thank goodness) but I no longer have a copy of Simply Budgets.  I have come to rely on SB and losing it feels like I have lost my right arm!




I bought your (personal finance budgeting) product 6 weeks ago. Since then we have seen a
huge improvement in our cashflow. We know where our money is, where it's going and allocated for.

Great program, I'd recommend it to anyone.

Brian McKerr
Melbourne, Victoria.


I've been using the (personal finance budgeting) program for just on 12 months now and can not believe the
tremendous difference it has made to our finances.
Its helped bring our finances under control and given us a very healthy surplus each month.
As a result of the plan, we were able to buy a new car with in the 1st year of using the software.

Many thanks.


Subject: Thank$ a million

Hi David, I received my copy of your wonderful programme just over a week
ago. Since then I have been working on it and refining my (household) budget.

WOW ! What a timesaver this is proving to be. For years I have worked everything out
on a spreadsheet but this leaves everything else for dead. But what am I going to do with
all the extra time?

Spend the extra money I now have I suppose.
It's really great thanks so much.

Regards Norm Gibson.

Dear David
Just a note to say thank you …….. everything is crystal clear to me now. I am very pleased
to say that things are looking good - thanks to your wonderful package. We're not quite ready
to pack in our day jobs  - but you never know...
Thanks again.

Dear David
I would like to say a big thankyou to you personally as your Simply Budgets has been a total life
changing experience for us. We have left behind us the debt and stress.

Thanks again,
Kyra Potts


"I can't remember how I found the Simply Budgets website but I'm so glad I did. I started off with
the free e-zine and found the information to be very useful. I have always had a (household) budget
but this was so much more. I decided to get the (budgeting) software and have not looked back. Knowing when I
would have the peaks and troughs in my bank account is so helpful. No matter what the bill,
from weekly rent to annual car registration, even the car service and telephone bills, I am never
taken by surprise and I always know that I have the money to pay the bill.

Thank you very much simply budgets for giving me the crystal ball into my financial affairs that
I needed. Now I know how much I can play with, and how much is for the bills that will inevitably
arrive. Only now I can receive them with confidence.

A program I would recommend to anyone."

Chaaron Gould
Adelaide, South Australia

I have recently started to use your program. It is truly amazing.

Some feedback on your 'Simply Budgets' program I purchased about 15 months ago. Well mate
it is the best bloody thing since sliced bread. Every cent that comes and goes through this
household goes through 'Simply Budgets', and at ALL times we know exactly where our finances
are now and for the future. Once a fortnight we just dial up the 'Budget Worksheet' and bang, it's
all there in front of you. Bloody beauty mate.

Thanks, cheers
Harley and Sue.

Well what can we say about the Simply Budgets package so far?

“Excellent. Simply Budgets does what it says, Simply Budgets. After many years of budgeting in
the past and wondering where the money went we can now plan accurately for the future and know,
in advance, where it will be going and most importantly what is going where. Simply Budgets makes
you aware of your financial future like having a finance “map of the future” to plan and make informed
spending decisions before they arise…….



I would like you to know that I am $400 better off since I purchased your program 6 weeks ago. I
am still trying to figure out where the money came from and how much have I wasted in the past?

For the doubters out there who are wondering if the Simply Budgets program is worth it, I say
"Spend the money, now". You won't regret it. Like me, you will find money you never knew existed.
This is the best investment I have made this year."

John Kirk


Thanks so much for the (personal budget) software, I've finally taught my partner how important it is to
look forward in our budget! When he saw that unless we stopped spending so freely now we'd be in hundreds
of dollars of debt by Christmas his jaw dropped to the floor! It was the only way I could get him to
realise how important it is to budget and put money away for emergencies (which I've done my
whole wage earning life, and have been trying to convince him for years!). So thank you for saving
our finances and relationship!!! Thanks once again!


Hi David,

We just wanted to let you know that we have had your Simply Budgets
book for almost a year and through all your emails and encouraging words we have finally loaded it
on to our computer and have finished putting all our expenses on a printed copy and loaded it all on
the Computer. Thank you for your wonderful support and encouragement. It was a really big eye opener
for us as we have a high joint income and we didn't know where our money was going.

Kind Regards
Andrew & Tracey Pearson

Dear David,
I just wanted to tell you how really wonderful I think your Simply Budgets program is. My husband and
I have been able to save money for the first time in our lives. We have set up many different accounts,

Such as: a new car a/c, a Christmas a/c, a cumulative savings a/c, a Colonial Managed Funds a/c and
my favourite one is our Hawaii a/c! As my name is Hawaiian, it has been my childhood dream and goal
to go to Hawaii. When I turned 21, I made it my ambition to do this before I turned 30. Well, it is less
than 2 years now before the big 3-0, and I am extremely excited to say to you that, because of your
Simply Budgets program, we have nearly $700 in our Hawaii account! This is truly amazing for us to
have money saved in an account, let alone 5 accounts! And this has only happened in 5 months! This
may not seem very much to most people, but when you consider that I only work 15 hours a week
and we have 2 young children at home, this is a wonderful achievement and milestone in our lives.

I am the one in our family who looks after our money, and because I had no real focus with our
finances, I used to go to the shops everyday, and spend little bits here and there on things that we
didn't really need. It is so amazing when you work out how much these little purchases add up to
over a year! Now that I have our (household) budget in black and white in front of me, I am really focused with
our money and so organised with our bills. It is amazing to feel confident when a bill comes in, to
know that the money is sitting in your account ready to pay it! I cannot thank you enough for the
financial freedom you have given my family and me.

I have been highly recommending Simply Budgets to everyone I know and I look forward to reading
the book I have just ordered from your bookstore, to learn more about saving money and using it

With sincere thanks,
Leilani Jones


I am pleased to say that this programme is not only easy to use once you have the hang of it but
will drastically reduce the time you spend calculating your budget and any financial projections
you might do. It will accurately calculate your credit card statement, your loan repayments, your
expenditure and your income as well as performing a myriad of other financially based calculations
that would usually take you some time.

I would go to the point of saying that it has changed our financial capability in such a positive way.
I can now accurately determine whether we can purchase something or not. We are now in a
position where we don't run out of money in the middle of a pay period. We have a positive outlook
for the future - not because we are earning any more money - in fact it is just the opposite, our
income has been halved as I am not currently working (renovating instead) but bills still have to be
paid and as a family you need to live.

I can say this program does work and it has drastically changed the way we view our financial ability.

Nathalie Jaxon


I would like to THANK YOU in the biggest way for your help.

I am single mother of three with very little financial assistance other than working very hard in my
own business. Through your program I have learnt how to manage my money better and have
 managed to save enough in the last 12 months to take my kids on a dream holiday. All 4 of us
spent four weeks holidaying in Queensland and NSW ( Including the Gold Coast Theme parks)
having the time of our lives. After a tense year it was what we needed to take time out as a
happy family and renew our faith that 'hard work pays off'. And it does indeed!

Thanks again

Jennie - Adelaide (SA)

Subject: Message of thanks

Just a quick message to say that I have finally sorted out my finances. There was no way of
doing this without the help of Simply Budgets. My husband and I went from a double income
no kids scenario to a one income plus two children reality!
We were convinced that I would have to go back to work just so we could make ends meet. I
didn't want to put my children in day-care especially my new baby but we couldn't see another
way around it. My husband and I saw your Simply Budgets software program on one of the
current affairs programs, and thought, why not give it a go!
Well I am pleased to say that working out our finances with your software I now have the luxury
of staying home to raise our two children, for at least the next ten years if I wish to!!! Just seeing
our finances clearly in black and white made us sit up and really take notice of the things we
wanted out of life.
I just thought I would email our gratitude to you because you have now afforded me the luxury of
raising my two children (with a stay at home mother by choice) and not someone else by putting
them into ten hour a day day-care.

Sincerely Thankyou,
Cindy Durnan

Dear David

I wanted to thank you for the Simply Budgets Software. For the last few years I thought I had plenty
of money to put away into my savings but then I couldn't understand why every month or so I
would need to spend those"savings" on bills!
After using your software I now know how much I can realistically put away into my savings account and
what is really needed for my day to day expenses.
My husband and I are planning on having a baby this year and without your help we never would
have gained the knowledge that has allowed us to save for the arrival of our first child.

Thank you again.

Karen Feibig

Dear David,

I am very happy with the Simply Budgets software. I am finally able to see my financial future
and make appropriate plans.
I have only been using it for two weeks and already I am financially better off (approx. $500).
Being able to set goals and watch them become a reality is fantastic.

Many thanks.
Conrad Scott. pencon@westnet.com.au

Hi David,

I've only had your program for about a week, and already I feel like I'm in more control of my
finances. A simple but powerful concept, wish I'd thought of it. Well done! It's great being able
to easily "look into the future". Much better than using Money or Quicken.

Thanks again, J.S.

Subject:- Thank you so much for a program that has changed my life!!!

I recently bought your program and cannot thank you enough, for it has changed my life.

I am (or was!) your typical young male who's wage burnt a hole in his pocket each week. On
top of this I had various debts for cars, credit cards etc. totaling almost $15,000. By using your
program and some good financial advice though, I have managed to turn my life around.

My girlfriend and I have managed to clear all debt, and are well on our way to a deposit for our
first home! It is an amazing advantage to be able to scroll through our statement in advance to
see when we will have enough money. We have also realised that with some discipline we will
even be able to cover all fees & charges leaving "the first home owner's grant" to spend on us!

Your program has really helped us to prioritize our spending habits and cut out any unnecessary
costs we used to have because the money was just there.

This program has helped us so much that now the rest of my family is getting in on the action.
I even caught my dad having a go the other night!!

Again I thank you and hope that perhaps this positive feedback might help others realise what
a fantastic program it can be.

Max Ainscough - Noosa

Good Morning David!

would just like to say that it was an absolute pleasure to meet you last night in Melbourne.
Tracey and I are delighted with what we learnt from the night. Already today I have been onto
your web site to downloaded the upgrade and also ordered a copy of Pocket-Pal.
I am spending the rest of today putting together our (household) budget for the future.

Our background is in the transport industry and we have built a very successful business
over the past 10 years. I am embarrassed about the fact that I have never once done a budget
for ourselves or for our company. Building the business to it's current size of a million dollar plus
turnover and employing eighteen people has never been easy and all our decisions were based
on gut feelings. I would never ever suggest anybody else do this. Building the business would
have been so much safer, easier and quicker with your software. I can't change the past but I can
learn from it and I guarantee I will never do it that way again.

Today is also our 15th wedding anniversary and we see today as a chance to reflect on our lives together
so far, but more importantly we are super excited about sitting down together as a family and planning our
next 15 years and the next 15 and the next 15. The financial planning part of our lives will be so much
easier to do with the help of your software and we can't thank you and your family enough.
We know (gut feel) that your program will, over time, impact on the lives of millions of people around the
world for generation after generation.



Just a just a little feed back, if it wasn't for your Simply Budgets program, we would have
never realised what was needed to be done to get our (personal) finances on track. It really opened
our eyes and with wanting to start a family soon it has helped us plan financially and
mentally for the future and beyond. We really can't thank you enough. Keep up the good work."

Yours Sincerely, Paul Cox

  Dear David,

I purchased Simply Budgets in August 2003 and I have to say it is a wonderful budgeting tool.

We arrived in Australia from the UK in September 2002 and have had to readjust to the Aussie
way of putting all bills on a credit card and paying it off at the end of the month. We were debt
free in the UK (except for our mortgage) and very rarely used our one and only credit card. As
UK banks don't have high banking transaction charges in the same way Australian banks do,
we previously paid all our bills by monthly direct debits. We were quickly told by our financial
advisor that this would "sap us dry" in Australia so we had to totally change our budgeting
mind set. Your software has been invaluable in helping us adjust to the rolling debt a credit
card carries even if you pay it off in full every month. So a big thank you!


Hello David,

I have received my simply budgets today and have done our personal budget. I must thank
you for sharing this wonderful product with me.

We were finding it hard to juggle all our bills, living from one pay to the other, things were a
mess financially.

But after today I can see through the fog. Things weren't as bad as I thought. With some
discipline and tightening the ropes for a short time we can easily get on top of things and
then be quite comfortable. I was very excited to see this.

Thank you so very much


Hi David, I purchased The Simply Budget Disc in 2002 and didn't do anything with it as
My Husband is a Accountant and wouldn't look at it, so it sat for one whole year, then one day I
was cleaning out the cupboard and loaded the disc and set up all the accounts and
year to date things and nearly fell off the chair, We were in so much trouble.

So I phoned David and he walked and talked me throughout the whole mess at hand,
slowly slowly I explained this to my Accountant husband and that about six months later I phoned
David again to straighten out some figures and then typed out the reports in Budget by Year
and Budget by Month. And then stuck them on the fridge and walked around it for about 2 days, 
tidied up things and once I had it fine tuned I then showed my Husband, who was most impressed
with all the details and the year to date things and then for me to even be able to come up with
this, (as I'm the spender not the earner, nor the accountant.)

So now we are on track, thanks to David's hard work and patience.
We (Husband and myself) will be at the Perth Seminar to get the full benefits out of all that David has to say.

Thanks David
Love your work, love your newsletters and love your advise. Keep up the good work.

Lynette Fiscalini-Ball - Perth

P.S. And if you haven't bought a Simply Budgets package get onto it NOW ! This is
coming from an accountants wife.
NB>A plumber's wife always has leaking taps!

Hi David,
We already got the simply budgets program from you and one of my friends has bought
it also after I told him about it, and everywhere I go I'm always telling people about your
simply budgets program. I think it is fantastic and we will know where we will be up to
and how we are going with our saving plan by just looking at it. I look at it every day as
it is my daily motivation so I can keep telling myself that it wont be long and we will be
So THANK YOU David for creating such a wonderful programme.
PS. I might have to start asking for commission soon. (only joking!!!)


Great program! What I like best is how I can always see what the bottom line for our
finances is. Every time I check my bank balance I go straight to my budget to see if I'm
ahead or behind on where we should be up to. This has taken all the worry out of
managing our money.

Pat and Vikki H. Hervey Bay


I'm finding your software “Simply Budgets” a great tool. Thank-you very much.

Steve R

Thank you for your product, I have been using the likes of Quicken and my own
paper based (like the envelop system but without cash) systems and have found
them to be too clumsy; time consuming; or just void of savings for expenses like
car batteries, licenses and hot water system, your system solves all these problems
and more. Thank you

I am recommending it to everyone I know who has a budget and those who don't!

Jacqui. Toowoomba

Hi David

What a great presentation last night at Revesby Workers Club, I was
serious when I said to thank your wife for all her support in this project, it
gave you the opportunity to create a wonderful software program.

Steve Fazakerley - Sydney

"Thankyou for your input. It has made budgeting much easier and
enjoyable - not to mention more rewarding as we can now AFFORD
the greater things in life (like our recently delivered custom made lounge suite) ".


……..Your program is fantastic by the way. I would be lost without it. I have
referred so many people to it.



 "I attended the CashFlow Seminar in East Malvern in Victoria yesterday and have
downloaded the update and have registered my software. I really enjoyed the seminar
and just entering the details into Simply Budgets has been exciting (sounds strange),
but I can see how it works with the 3rd dimension of timing so brilliantly.

(I lost track of who sent me this one!)

My Dad bought me the Simply Budget program and I think it is great. I am someone
who is very budget conscious and did not want to look at another type of budget. I had
my own form of the program by way of an Excel spreadsheet. It was set up the same
way so I could forecast the weeks, months and year ahead. However I did not got into
as much detail as your program and there were a number of expenses I had not even

Simply Budgets is a lot less time consuming and I love the report aspect (something
I did not do on Excel). My husband was a divorcee with a lot of debt and high child
maintenance. Using my spreadsheet budget I was able to reduce the debt from his
former marriage to zero but could not seem to save for us. Now that I have put all my
details into Simply Budgets I can see more clearly where our money goes, have set
new spending limits, put aside for those Long Term expenses (who ever thinks of
those!) and have a goal to have a deposit for a house of our own in five years.

Thank you for the program and making my future look brighter.



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