"Did You Know That The Average Family Gives Nearly 1 Day of Their Weekly Wages to The Banks?

If You Think This Might Be You, Do Something
About it Right Now..."

- David Wright, Simply Budgets
as seen on ACA, Today Tonight,
Nine Extra and Money Magazine

Want to know how to stop working your "butt off" just to pay credit cards and loans, and start the new Financial Year with your very own "Get out of Debt" plan?

Discover the easy-to-use system that featured on the front cover of 60,000 copies of Money Magazine in February 2009, that will show you how to create a plan to get out of debt…

  • No more struggling to make your monthly payments

  • Stop paying interest and fees to the banks

  • You’ll see your way through to a debt free future.

It’s much easier than you think and you’ll be amazed at how quickly your debts will be reduced.

Watch the video below to see what Nick from Sydney experienced from using this easy-to-use system for the first time....

Here's what Marie from Sydney had to say about this amazing debt reduction system...


Save on Accountant Fees!

"Hi David

I installed your new debt buster program and am writing to say thank you - it's a fantastic little program.

I love the way you can run different scenarios until you come up with the right mix.

I can't tell you how much relief I feel, looking at the figures and realising we can deal with this issue without a great deal of stress.

You know, if I had sent this 'problem' to an accountant, I'd be up for around $500 or more in fees, just to get them to analyse a repayment scenario for us. Then if I had to send it back for revisions - more fees.

$47 for your software is the best $47 I've spent all year. All power to you and *thank you* so much.

- Thank you!

Here is what Evelyn achieved when she decided to get rid of her debt worries and stress:

"In total, we'll be saving
about $2,500 in interest"

Hi David,

'DebtBuster Plus' is a great tool. I had heard of paying off debts in a logical order before but hadn't really considered the way that the 'DebtBuster Plus' program worked it out.

I worked out that if I just keep paying the minimum of all my debts in any order I please, they won't all get paid off until 2014.

By using 'DebtBuster Plus' I was able to see that focusing an extra $40 a week on my debts in a certain order, I would have everything paid off by 2009. That's 5 years early! The biggest debt of all, my partner's car loan would be paid off 2 years early.

In total, we'll be saving about $2500 in interest. I've never used or seen a method quite like this and printed it out for my partner to see.

Thanks again,

How would you like it if I could show you system that will…

  • Pay off your mortgage in many years less than it normally takes so that you and your family can start enjoying the luxuries of life

  • Clear your credit card and other debts so that you no longer see a big chunk of your pay literally disappear every fortnight

  • Reduce your interest payments so that you and your family get to enjoy that extra money that no longer goes into the banks’ coffers

  • Show you which debts to pay first so that you absolutely save as much as is possible in interest

  • Give you a personal payment plan so that you are no longer confused about the best way to reduce your debt

  • Give you control of your debts so that you never again pay over limit fees or late payment fees

  • Give you a Debt Control Plan so that every dollar you put into debt repayment is used to eliminate your debt faster with the lowest interest payments possible.

If you want to solve even ONE of these problems then read on...

If, on the other hand…you have all your debts under control
and you are not paying excessive interest then this system is definitely not for you.

David Wright Photo

Dear Friend,

My name is David Wright and I know personally just how frustrating it can get when you're snowed under with debts.


"I can't believe how good
DebtBuster is..."

"David took the time to sort out my debts. Everyone else I asked for help just could not be bothered.

I can't believe how good DebtBuster is. Now I can clear my debts in the next few years. a great feeling..."

- Gary Evans


Any of these sound familiar?

Are you feeling the pinch these days with prices increasing every day and finding it harder and harder to pay all your debts every month on time?

Are you worried about making ends meet when your food and petrol bills just keep going up and there’s no relief in sight?

Are you getting more credit (cards, payday loans, personal loans) just to find that it actually makes your situation worse and that it will take you forever to get out of you debt trap – if ever?

Are you snowed under by debt and facing serious consequences - losing your house or bankruptcy - because you just don’t know how to manage your mountain of debt?

OK. If you’re faced by any of these situations then my system can help you.

If you’re anything like the hundreds of families I talk to about debt then you’ve tried all sorts of things to get rid of your debt, but, somehow, nothing seems to work.

Here are the reasons why you never get out of debt no matter how hard you try…

There are no checks in the system when it comes to
personal debt

When you go to a bank for a house loan you need to provide a lot of information about your household finances. The lender wants to know about your income, your job stability, other debts you have, your financial history including any instances of defaults, and the list goes on.

But when you apply for a credit card or a store card they really don’t care if you can afford it or not. They just want to sell you the card facility. And the interest rates on these loans are not 5% but 20% - that’s 4 times higher!

And you can get as many credit cards as you want. I’ve seen families with 8, 9 and even 10 different cards. No wonder debt levels are out of control.

Everything in our society (friends, media, networks) pushes us to spend more money.

Just turn on the TV or pick up a paper. What do you see? Thousands of advertisers who want you to spend money. In fact, every day the average person will see 5,100 messages trying to get you to part with your money. They even target your kids. What chance do you have?

The banks want you to increase your debt

Just think about how the banks make money. Banks sell money, that’s where their profit comes from. Credit card products are the most profitable ‘money’ products for the banks.

Of course they are going to sell as much credit card debt as they possibly can. That’s where they make the most money. Don’t think that they have your interests at heart. Banks are there to make a high return for their shareholders. That’s it!

The more they can convince you to go into debt the more money they make. It’s serious business and our banks are very profitable. You know whose pocket that profit is coming out of.

Governments want you to spend more money...

The Government has even given you money so that you’ll get into those malls and shops and SPEND. And hopefully you’ll spend more than you received. Buy more things. That’s the way!

This is a consumer con and all it does is create hardship for families already struggling to pay their ever increasing debt levels.

Interest rates on credit cards are up to 22%

These are staggering interest rates. At these rates many families are struggling to make all their repayments. According the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average credit card debt is $3,080. Each family has 4.6 credit cards. That’s $14,168 average credit card debt per family.

The interest bill from credit cards alone for the average Australian family is $2,974 per year. I’m sure that you and your family could put that money to much better use.

Late Fees keep increasing debts

First, the banks work really hard to get you into credit card debt and then you get slugged with late fees, within hours, if you don’t make your payment. I’ve seen families pay late fees in the $hundreds, if not $thousands, every year.

Just think about it, these fees don’t take long to add up. Say you have 4 cards and you’re late with 2 each month. That will be about $70 every month. Over a year that’s $840. And that’s conservative.

And it’s not just Late Fees that the banks hit you with. If you are just a few cents over your limit you will get a charge of up to $35 EVERY time you go over your credit limit.

And it’s easy to go over your limit. You may have incurred a Late Payment Fee that pushed you over and now you have another charge of $35 because the Late Payment Fee took your total balance beyond your credit limit. That’s $70 in bank fees in the blink of an eye.

And that can happen on a few of your cards every month. Before you know it these $70 slugs have added $thousands to your total debt level.

You’re not alone when it comes to having difficulties coping with debt. Household debt is causing more problems now than in the last 30 years. It’s almost a debt pandemic.

And here’s why…

Increased Debt
Families are having more problems with debt today because they are in much more debt. Debt levels have risen alarmingly.

From a submission on lending practices prepared by the Consumer Action Law Centre, NSW, October 2008…

As a % of disposable income, debt has risen from 34.6% in March 1977 to 158% in June 2008.

To give you an example of what this means...

In 1977, a family with a disposable income of $50,000 per year had total debts of $17,300. Today, that family has total debts of $79,000. That’s 4.5 times more debt.

It’s no wonder families are finding it much harder.

Increased Interest Payments
Families are now paying much more in interest.

“Interest payments have risen from 5.5% to 14.4% of total disposable income.”

Credit Cards, Consumer Credit and Bankruptcy,
University of Texas Law School, March 2006

That’s nearly 3 times more going out of your household just to make interest payments. That does not include any repayments of the actual debt.

Changes in the use of debt funds
The easy access to debt through credit cards and store cards has meant that we now spend more on consumer goods.  It’s so easy.

“38.5% of debt is now personal debt at interest rates as high as 22%. This debt is used for non appreciating assets. The goods can’t be resold to clear the debt.”

Margie Howarth, Financial Advisor,
Tweed Heads

The downside is that you are left paying for a debt, often up to 22% interest, when the goods you bought are virtually worthless.  Clothes, dinners, holidays are all gone and all you have left is the debt. Your hard earned money is wasted on assets that add nothing to your wealth.

Aggressive marketing by credit card lenders
Here’s the story on credit card lenders…

From a submission on lending practices prepared by the Consumer Action Law Centre, NSW, October 2008

“Credit card lenders have a self interest in continuing in what is a very successful marketing practice.
…..it is unrealistic to expect the industry to voluntarily make changes that may significantly curtail profitability.

In fact, fierce competition for market share appears to lead to an increase in irresponsible marketing practices.”

And this, even more damning…

“…where the consumer has few assets and will ultimately face bankruptcy, credit card lenders can profit if they charge high enough interest and fees for long enough before bankruptcy. Unfortunately, irresponsible lending can pay off…”

The Credit Card Trap

“Congratulations, you’re pre-approved”

Have you received one of these letters from your credit card provider?


These offers are worded so that they get you to say ‘yes’ more often. Here’s what they play on…

  • These ‘pre-approved’ offers are so easy to accept. Just sign the form and return in the reply paid envelop
  • They make out that you have been specially chosen for this ‘limited’ offer
  • You don’t need to provide any updated financial information
  • They don’t use words like ‘debt’ in these offers
  • Triggers your instinct to trust the ‘experts’.

These offers are intended to increase your debt, the banks get more interest and they make more profit.

Debt Horror Story #1
Lisa Doherty, Carrum Downs

"How credit cards can turn your finances upside down…"

Well where do I start……?

We are refinancing our house so we can pay off our c/c’s and get a deposit for a bigger house.

I was so excited to hear that our loan had been approved with the bank and in my haste and happiness, I forgot to pay the credit card on time. It was only 4 days late and the payment was $93.

I received a call saying we are now a ‘risk’ and that we can only get an extra $20k instead of the $40k we needed. I would love for you to publish this story to make people realize how fast your finances can be turned upside down just due to credit cards.



No Wonder You Don’t Get Ahead
It’s no wonder that you struggle to pay off your debt. You are up against some very serious lenders who are doing everything they can to get you into as much debt as possible. Their aim is to increase your debt even if you can’t afford it.

And debt can grow so quickly…
A couple of credit cards, then a store card, maybe a personal loan for a new car, perhaps a loan from relatives and so your debt steadily increases.

Before you know it you have 6, 7, 8 or more separate debts that you need to make repayments on each and every month.

Read John’s story…

Because of a mental illness, John ceased employment in 1993 and was on the disability support pension as his sole source of income. He started with a credit limit of $2,000. After accepting numerous unsolicited credit card limit increases he ended up in debt to the bank for $34,000.

The lender approved this limit for someone on a pension. So don’t think that the lenders will look after your interests.

The Unexpected Happens...
And then something unexpected happens. The car breaks down or the kids get sick or there are urgent repairs to the house. And there is simply no spare money to pay for these emergencies.

It's one problem after another.

And then you start hiding the real situation from your spouse and friends. Taking all the burden on by yourself...

You don't tell your spouse that you've got a few 'secret' debts - that loan from your brother or a credit card that you got to pay for the car repairs. It's all out of control and you don't want to confess to the real situation.

If you have more than your fair share of debt you can become overwhelmed by it. The pleasure you should be getting out of your life turns into stress, anxiety and even sometimes, physical pain. Debt can make you sick to your very core.

More Debt Than You Can Handle?
Excessive debt can grind you down. You feel a sense of desperation, hopelessness, and you can't see any way out.

You feel that you've lost control, the ship is sinking and no one will re-finance you to help you get out of your debt dilemma.

Anger and frustration build up. It ‘s so easy to get into debt but it is so hard to get rid of debt.

The Banks Won’t Help You Out Either
Banks that offered more and more credit now refuse to help you because you are a 'bad risk'. And those same banks keep charging late payment and overdraw fees. And, worst of all, they hit you for fees on a Thursday when you get paid on a Friday!

You only need to be 1 day over your payment or just $1 over your limit and it will cost you $70. Just added to your account in the press of a button.

"If I can afford to not only pay my bills but also overlimit fees, why won't they give me a consolidation loan? It's like they don't even care - I've given them so much money!..."

Well, they don’t care. As long as they can still make money…

“Another problem with credit cards as a credit facility is the possibility for credit card lenders to profit from lending models that push consumers to the financial brink”

Consumer Action Law Centre, October 2008

Debt Horror Story #2
Kacey Griggs, Queensland, Australia

"A business loan gone horribly wrong…"

I got a business lease from the National Australia Bank for $80,000 to buy equipment to set up my copy business.

Because of health problems I closed my shop 2 years later. The lease at that stage was down to $36,253. My equipment went to auction and the National Bank sold every piece of equipment (valued 2 years ago at $80,000) for $2,029.

So here I am with a $36,253 debt and they sell all my equipment for $2,029. I went into shock.  The tone of my voice must have scared the guy on the phone, 2 days later he phoned back to see if I was okay.

I am still paying this lease off 9 years later. Basically, the bank didn’t care. They just wanted to get their money.


You just drown in this sort of debt. You don't know where to start. It all seems too difficult and none of the banks or other lenders will give you any help. They just keep making the problem worse.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against all debt. But I am against ‘bad debt’. Bad debt is where you borrow, generally at the very highest interest rates to buy ‘stuff’ that does not increase in value. For example, cars, fridges, furniture, boats, caravans, etc.

And the very worst debt is when you use credit to pay for holidays, dinners out, clothes, books, hobbies, etc.

I agree that you do need a fridge and furniture but there are smarter ways to buy these essentials.

Has this happened to you?

You credit card bill arrives and the balance really surprises you. How did it get that high? You wonder how it all adds up to so much. You get out the calculator, but sure enough, the amount is right.

You look over the bill, $23 for a lunch, a few magazines for $12, ice cream treats for the kids $14, some shoes $85, a few bills that you couldn’t afford to pay. No really big expenses there just dozens of smaller amounts.

It’s amazing how it all adds up and there is absolutely nothing to show for it. All those "nick knacks" that you buy every year, where do they end up? Do you really need them?

On top of that you are paying between 18% to 22% interest on all these purchases.

You Spend More on Plastic Than When Using Cash
Do you spend more because it’s on a card? You know, that’s one of the biggest traps. Countless studies have shown that we all spend more if we use plastic rather than paying in cash.

Test it out for yourself. Take cash (and don’t put anything on credit) the next time you go shopping and see how differently you make decisions about what you buy. You’ll be surprised. You will think much more carefully about what you really need and you’ll spend less money.

And now we face increased unemployment
We’ve all seen it on TV. More and more families are suffering because of reduced working hours or, even worse, unemployment. Our Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, has been on national television warning us that unemployment will go up substantially.

From the Sydney Morning Herald, 18 June 2009…

“The Federal Government has forecast the unemployment rate to rise from a current 5.7% to peak at 8.5% in late 2010.”

What that means…
The Government’s predicting increases in the unemployment rate of 49%. Just imagine if you and/or your partner found yourselves unemployed. What would that do to your ability to make all your monthly payments?

When you lose a big chunk of income it puts a huge strain on the family budget. It’s just about impossible to replace a lost income by reducing expenses and fiddling with your budget. And this financial hardship causes so much tension in the family. You can do without this.

What will people think of you if you lose your house and car or go bankrupt?

It seems that you keep going around in an ever deepening downward debt spiral. You just recover from paying the kids school fees and books and the washing machine breaks down. No money so it's another store card purchase. It can happen so quickly, can’t it?

There is only one answer…

Get out of debt as quickly as possible.

Click on the play button below to see why getting out of debt is important right now.

What’s the best way?
Even when you have some spare money you are not sure about the best way to use that money to reduce your debt - should you pay off the smallest debt or should you pay off the highest interest rate debt?

You feel emotionally drained and it's impossible to step back to see the solutions clearly. All you can see is debt and you are totally stressed. Your head is full of worries.

Here’s your way out of debt…
For over 13 years now I have focussed my time and energy to help people get out of debt and onto the road to financial well being - living without debt and being able to provide the 'extras' for their families that makes life so much more rewarding.

Over that time I noticed that there were a couple of common themes coming from the thousands of emails I was receiving...

"I want to get out of debt as quickly as possible but I seem to just keep going backwards no matter what I do."

"Is there a secret that no one is telling me? How do other people manage so well?"

"If I can pay a few extra dollars what debt should I pay off?

"What If I can't make extra payments?"

"Is there something I can do to speed up the process because right now I'm feeling very down and lost in debt?"

After spending many thousands of hours late at night to help people manage their debts, I realised that I was repeatedly using the same process over and over again.

I realised that I could develop a system that everyone could use to work out the smartest and fastest way to get out of debt. And then people could take control themselves and work out their own debt reduction plans using the techniques that I have spent many thousands of hours creating.

Imagine being able to treat your family to a weekend away at the beach without the money worries. Or give your kids a great Christmas with presents that they've wanted all year.

Imaging having a nice house, a nice car, a happy wife and kids and, you get to enjoy your own hobby with no worries about money.

Welcome to The 'DebtBuster Plus' Program.

If you want to clear your debts faster and save thousands in interest then 'DebtBuster Plus' was created for you. The feeling of relief by having your debts under control will give a renewed zest for life.

I know firsthand because many people who have used 'DebtBuster Plus' have told me so. It's tremendous to get this feedback. I love hearing how families who haven't had a holiday or a night out in years can now give their families these special treats.

Wouldn't that be great?

My Program does all the work for you. This program is extremely easy to use and very powerful. The last thing you need is more stress. You don't need to be a mathematician to use the 'DebtBuster Plus' Program.

The 'DebtBuster Plus' System gives you a clear and simple plan to follow showing you how much to pay off each month to get your debts paid faster with no late or overlimit fees. You’ll save massive amounts of interest and you’ll no longer be stressed about high debt levels.

With all the worry about debts it's hard to decide what to do. It's complicated and it's confusing. That's where 'DebtBuster Plus' really comes into it's own.

'DebtBuster Plus' gives you a clear logical plan of what you need to do, when you need to do it and what the result will be. Just print it out and you know exactly what to do next time you get paid. You have your personal Debt Reduction Plan. What could be better?

No decisions, no stress. Just follow the plan and you'll be heading for a debt free financial future.

Here's an example of a Debt Reduction Plan from DebtBuster Plus...


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Why Use 'DebtBuster Plus'?
Using ‘DebtBuster Plus’  you'll know each month the best way to spend your hard earned dollars to get your debt under control and then be debt free. The plan will tell you when each debt will be cleared and the total interest you will be paying. In just a few weeks you'll begin to see light at the end of the tunnel.

You'll see that you can take control. You won't have that feeling of helplessness, a big weight will be lifted from your shoulders. The things you used to enjoy will become fun again.

You can experiment with different repayment scenarios to generate the most efficient debt repayment possible for your very own situation. You can compare different repayment priorities to see what will save you the most in interest and what will suit your other financial priorities.

It will even challenge you to ask the question...

"Am I paying off too much on one debt with money that might be better used paying off another?"

As each debt is paid off you can pat yourself on the back knowing that, one by one, your debts will be cleared and you can treat your family to that surprise holiday.

What a wonderful feeling.

The 'DebtBuster Plus' system will help you work out how to get multiple debts paid off in the fastest possible time paying the absolute minimum amount of interest.

That’s the Holy Grail!

My program really comes into it's own when you have, say, 4 or more debts all at different interest rates. The more debts you have the more benefit you will get with a clear path out of debt.

You simply enter your repayments and the interest rates and my program does all the work for you. It prompts you each step of the way. You don't need to pour over complicated manuals or get lost in 'help' systems.

The 'DebtBuster Plus' System gives you a plan to 'snowball' your debt repayments until all your debts are paid off in the optimum order saving you thousands in interest payments. And you'll clearly see how it all works. You'll see when each debt will be paid off when you follow this plan. The debt fog will finally clear.

DebtBuster Plus sets your priorities for you...

Adding your debt information is easy...

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Lots of Flexibility

The Program also gives you the flexibility you need to change your payments and make extra payments adjusting your plan as you go. You can also test out different scenarios and compare how much extra interest and time each scenario will create.

No more guessing about what you can spend
For example, you may decide to have a weekend away with the family. That may mean a payment will be reduced. By using The 'DebtBuster Plus' Program you'll know exactly how much longer the debt will take to repay and the extra interest that it will create. How powerful is that in helping you make decisions about how you spend your money?

The fact is that 'DebtBuster Plus' will show you the most efficient way to pay off multiple debts.

It produces a detailed report that shows you exactly how much to pay off each debt and when to pay it. The date each debt will be paid off is highlighted in your plan.

What Do I Need to Invest?
Now, you're probably wondering how much this amazing system is going to cost. The really good news, it's not going to cost you a cent if you're not absolutely thrilled! I'll explain more in a minute.

You'd be pretty angry to find that you could have saved $thousands in interest payments had you re-arranged the way you made your repayments. Wouldn't you?

How much would you be prepared to invest to save that sort of money?

Well, my 'DebtBuster Plus' program will not cost you an arm and a leg.

Just before I go into more detail…
Because DebtBuster Plus has been so popular I have decided to include extra features and benefits. I’ve had lots of comments from happy customers with suggestions on how to make the software even more powerful. That has meant a complete revision. So this will be the last time that you can purchase DebtBuster Plus at just $47.

The price will definitely be increased for the new version. I’m not sure how much the new version will be but it will definitely go up.

Because I want to get you started on saving interest right now here’s what I’ll do. Buy DebtBuster Plus today and I’ll gift you the new version when it is released. That way, you won’t miss out on anything and you’ll save money as well.

For the one low investment of just $47, you'll receive my 'DebtBuster Plus' System and 4 special bonuses valued at $507 including the new version of DebtBuster Plus when it is released.

That's it ... no more to pay. Just $47 and you get the new version when it is released.

Don't miss this opportunity to save $thousands in interest and live a debt free life.

Let’s Put This Into Perspective…

$47 over the next 12 months is 90 cents a week … I bet you spend more on a chocolate bar every week. And there’s no lasting benefit from that! But this system can change your life forever.

Would you be willing to trade a chocolate bar a week for the total peace of mind the DebtBuster System will bring into your life … especially knowing that this System will show you where you are probably wasting 20, 50 or even more times that money without even realising it.

Looking at it another way…

How much do you pay in late fees and over limit fees each year? If you make 2 credit card payments late and go over your credit limit just once then you’ll pay about $105 to the bank. That’s 45% more than what you pay for DebtBuster.

And you’ve got my total guarantee. If you’re not happy you won’t pay a cent.

DebtBuster Plus Package
DebtBuster Plus

- DebtBuster Plus Software
-Quick Start Guide
- DebtBuster in Action Video

The 5 Biggest Credit Card Traps

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For Windows on PC or Windows on Mac Intel

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Here's what you get:

1. 'DebtBuster Plus' Software
The software that I developed so that you can do in a few minutes what used to take me many hours. It is simple and easy. No complicated processes.

2. The Quick Start Guide
This is a step-by-step guide to get you started on your way to a worry free future when it comes to your debt. The guide explains the reports that you'll get and how those reports are laid out.

3. DebtBuster In Action Video
And just in case you prefer to see the program live I have prepared a video that explains everything you need to know to develop your debt reduction plan.

As well, I'm including a special bonus in this limited offer.

Special Bonus

The 5 Biggest Credit Card Traps
We are so familiar with credit cards that we sometimes miss the obvious. In this report I highlight how the banks can entice you into more credit card debt. At first, it seems so simple. Just sign the paperwork.

But these traps have led hundreds of thousands into unwanted debt. Just pick up the papers or watch the current affairs programs to see that some bank has been hauled over the coals for 'aggressive' tactics in getting people to go into more debt.

This report will highlight these traps and help you to stay clear and not be caught up by the marketing hype and tempting offers. Value $37

That’s $84 in value for just $47

By ordering now you can start to reduce your debt today and you won't miss out on anything because you'll get a free copy of the new version

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Like everything I offer, my 'DebtBuster Plus' Program comes with absolutely no risk to you.

In fact, I offer a double guarantee.

If 'DebtBuster Plus' does not help you get out of debt faster then simply send me an email and I'll refund every penny with no questions asked.

Yeah, there may be people who abuse my guarantee. But I have faith in the majority of people's honesty and I believe that if you go out of your way to help others the majority of people will respect and appreciate your trust.

Going Round In Circles?

If you feel that you are going round in circles, lost and frustrated, 'DebtBuster Plus' will put you back in control. You will actually be able to experiment with different payment scenarios and work out exactly when you can be out of debt and how to go about achieving that goal.

The feeling of relief will be immense - actually knowing what is possible and having a plan to follow. Knowing that you will save thousands of dollars in interest is pretty exciting as well.

"Thanks to your calculator, I have
paid off two credit cards..."

"Hi David

I loved your 'DebtBuster Plus' calculator and found it helpful for making me get my head out of the sand and work out the actual amounts I owed on my credit cards. I have actually managed to pay back $10K over the past 12 months although I'm not really sure how.

Your calculator inspired me to call the banks and ask for a reduced credit card rate and also to try to consolidate the amounts owing on my cards to a smaller number that is more manageable so that I can avoid getting late payment fees on them.

I am still working on this process, but thanks to your calculator, I have paid off two credit cards and am working on reducing the interest owed and the amounts owed on the others."

- All the best
Janet Thomas


"The DebtBuster Plus progam is
a God send... "


The DebtBuster program is excellent.  It gives a good perspective of what to pay off first and how to go about it.  More than anything though (regardless of how much debt one seems to be in) the report actually motivates you to give it a go and see it through.

The program is easy to follow and I had no trouble filling in the fields.

The 'DebtBuster Plus' program is a god send (and there's nothing else like it).  I will be using it to the letter."

- Regards
Wayne Breen


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This package offers great value - for $47 you get $84 in value from the 'DebtBuster Plus' System and the special bonus.

Watch Mark from the Central Coast describe his first experience with using DebtBuster to get out of debt...


DebtBuster Plus Package

DebtBuster Plus

- DebtBuster Plus Software
-Quick Start Guide
- DebtBuster in Action Video

The 5 Biggest Credit Card Traps

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If you have many debts and don't know which way to turn or if you just want to make sure that you're getting the very best bang for your repayment bucks then I am sure that 'DebtBuster Plus' will help you.

You can take charge, and take charge now!

Here's to you and your exciting new future.

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David Wright

David Wright
Simply Budgets

P.S. Remember, your investment is completely risk-free. If you are not at least $2,000 better off in 12 months  then I will  write you a cheque for $94 for your trouble (that’s double your investment).

P.P.S. This is the last time that you can order DebtButer Plus at this price. When the new version is released the price will definitely increase.

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Q1. What exactly does 'DebtBuster Plus' do?
A1. It allows you to calculate the most efficient payment method possible to repay multiple debts and compare that method with other repayment strategies you might want to consider.

A detailed report shows you exactly what to do in order to pay the absolute minimum amount of interest and the earliest possible dates your debts will be cleared and if requested, it compares that with an alternative repayment strategy you might be considering.

Q2. Who should use 'DebtBuster Plus'?
A2. Anyone who has a number of debts to repay and wants to be sure they pay as little interest as possible and be debt free as soon as possible.

Q3. What computer system does 'DebtBuster Plus' require?
A3. 'DebtBuster Plus' is compatible with any PC that runs (or can run) Microsoft .NET Framework applications. Basically that means most Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 based computers. Older computers may need Microsoft.NET Framework installed so this is supplied with 'DebtBuster Plus' (just in case).

Q4. What guarantee comes with 'DebtBuster Plus'?
A3. A 365 day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee. AND, if you are not $2,000 better off after using DebtBuster Plus, then I'll write you a cheque for $94

Q5. How long will it take to learn to use 'DebtBuster Plus'?
A5. 'DebtBuster Plus' is so easy to use the only possible delay in getting a result will be if you do not have the information about your debts readily available.

Q6. What if I have problems using 'DebtBuster Plus'? Can I get help?
A6. The Quick Start Guide and the Video Tutorials explain in simple steps how to use 'DebtBuster Plus' but if you still have trouble you can e-mail for software support.

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